TLC200 Pro


The Brinno TLC200 PRO will record for months on its 4 AA batteries, while saving your Time Lapse Video to the SD Card. No stitching thousands of frames together in post processing. Anyone can now create High Definition Time Lapse Videos, any time, any place.

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BBC100 Bike Camera


8 hr Bikikng + 0 min procesing = 8 mins TimeLapse video. Once your video is shot, it’s actually a Time Lapse video and not a series of JPEGs. No stitching, no converting! Playbak on the spot on your smartphone!

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BCC100 Construction Camera


The Brinno Time Lapse Video Construction Camera is the effortless way to record any construction projects. Set it and forget it. Get a time lapse video recorded at the rate you want, and played back at the rate you want when the project is done.

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BFC100 Self-Portrait Camera


Brinno Time Lapse Self-Portrait Camera, it’s a whole new concept for daily photo recording! In the past, you could choose a digital camera or a smart phone for self-portraits, but the result was lots of still photos which are never printed or hidden in a photo album! Wouldn’t it be more fun to see your progress within seconds? The Brinno Self-Portrait Camera includes a Self-Portrait Mirror and Shutter Line with the Time Lapse Camera, allowing you to easily take your self-portraits at the click of a shutter, and then auto converts those photos into a Time Lapse Self-Portrait video, where you’re the leading character!

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BLC200 LabCam


It’s easy to capture microbial type processes in Time Lapse Video! Brinno Time Lapse LabCam combines the TLC200 Pro and the Brinno Microscope Adapter to allow the capture of Time Lapse images through the Microscope. Whatever is happening on the slide is captured for playback on any PC, Laptop or Tablet.

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BMC100 Motion Camera


The Brinno Time Lapse Motion Camera BMC100 takes photos at user defined intervals and automatically converts them into Time Lapse videos in the Camera! The Motion Sensor accessory(ATM100) tells it when to begin taking photos.

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BPC100 Party Camera


The combination of the Brinno’s TLC200 f1.2 with its wide angle lens and low light performance, and the Rotating Platform (ART100) allow you to position the camera in the middle of your party and take photos at the rate you choose covering all 360° in an hour…capture everyone enjoy your party!

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Simple to operate and locate this simple camera will take high quality time lapse photos of your garden at predetermined times for months. Not just Gardens…anything that experiences change over time can be captured. Fall Foliage can be captured in all of its brilliance in hourly intervals, ensuring you never miss that elusive”peak”. The blossoming of the Dogwood which overwhelms you with its color is caught in its entirety. Even a house being built whether it’s by you or the spider in the garden can be captured throughout the building process.

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TLC 100


Brinno TimeLapse Camera (TLC100) is a HD video camera, easy to use! One button operation, let you see a whole day’s change in just one minute!

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TLC 200


The Brinno Time Lapse Camera TLC200 is an easy solution for creating Time Lapse videos. Turn it on, set the time interval, frame your subject, let it record, view your time lapse video!

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TLC 200 f1.2


Shockingly simple awesome time-lapse videos at the push of a button! You only need to select which time interval you want, then let Brinno TLC200 f1.2 capture photos and make time lapse videos automatically!

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